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  • Giant Wasps

    Giant insects are common across [[Xen'drik | Xen'drik]] and the [[Starlight Vale | Vale]], and the continent's giant wasps (_MM_ 285) are particularly tenacious. A typical nest occupies the tops of two or three large trees and is filled with winding …

  • Alchemy Beetle

    What at first glance appears to be an enormous insect is actually some sort of construct. A black iron exoskeleton holds a glass hemisphere churning with a molten green liquid. Smoke rises where the construct's mandibles drip this liquid to the ground.

  • Primordial Giant

    This enormous humanoid seems to crackle with magical energy. Glowing tattoos cover their wrinkled bronze skin, each one flaring with dim green light. Vivid blue eyes shine like sapphires under ash-gray brows. A nimbus of blue power surrounds their hands, …

  • Hammertail

    Also known as the anklyosaurus, a hammertail is a heavily armored, quadrupedal herbivore. It is a versatile plant-eater, equally at home among the temperate forests, humid marshes, and dry grasslands of the [[Starlight Vale | Vale]]. These creatures …

  • Thunderherder

    Also known as the seismosaurus, it is the largest known of the dinosaurs. It feeds on plants, often defoliating several square miles of terrain within the course of a few weeks. The thunderherder is an immense four-legged dinosaur with a small head, a …

  • Soarwing

    Also known as the quetzalcoatlus, it is a massive flying reptile. This fearsome predator glides through the skies searching for meals and menacing airships. Although it is not averse to eating carrion, it prefers fresh meat or fish. Soarwings have a long …

  • Swordtooth Titan

    More commonly known as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, this towering predator has an enormous head and a mouth full of dagger-sized teeth. It stands on two powerful legs and has only vestigial forelimbs. Rumor has it that a mutant two-headed titan roams the [[ …

  • Tilxin

    This small, colorful hummingbird is astonishingly swift and capable of amazing feats of aerial acrobatics. It feeds on the nectar of various magical plants, which give it an unnatural metabolism.

  • Mokèlé-mbèmbé

    A thick-skinned beast that resembles a bison with the hide of a rhinoceros, the mokèlé is used as a beast of burden and raised as livestock.

  • Carnivorous Plants

    As dangerous as any creature on [[Xen'drik | Xen'drik]] but far more subtle, the plants of the mysterious continent have been known to attack and even kill those who wander into their domain, adding their flesh to the compost heap.

  • Girallon

    At first glance, this creature looks like an albino gorilla, but it has four arms. It also has razor-sharp teeth and long claws. Girallons are savage, magical cousins of the gorilla. They are aggressive, bloodthirsty, highly territorial, and incredibly …

  • Tentacle Spider

    What appears to be a giant spider actually has four long, writhing tentacles where its fangs should be. Eight red eyes gleam above the squirming mass in the midst of its face.

  • Allip

    An allip is the spectral remains of someone driven to suicide by a madness that afflicted it in life. It craves only revenge and unrelentingly pursues those who tormented it in life and pushed it over the brink. An allip cannot speak intelligibly.

  • Couatl

    This great serpent with rainbow wigns appears confident, powerful, and totally aware of everything around it. It is legendary for its sheer beauty, vast magical powers, and unwavering virtue. Its intelligence and goodness have made it an object of …

  • Darkmantle

    The darkmantle lurks near cavern roofs, waiting for prey to pass beneath. Its ability to create magical darkness makes it difficult to defeat.

  • Fungus

    Unlike ordinary kinds of fungus, which are harmless to other living creatures, the shrieker and the violet fungus of the [[Starlight Vale | Vale]] can be dangerous to unwary adventurers. A fungus lacks chlorophyll, a true stem, roots, or leaves . …

  • Gelatinous Cube

    The nearly transparent gelatinous cube travels slowly along dungeon corridors and cave floors, absorbing carrion, creatures, and trash. Inorganic material remains trapped and visible inside the cube's body.

  • Black Pudding

    This creature resembles nothing so much as a roundish blob of inky black goo. Black puddings slither and undulate along underground terrain. The most ancient black puddings, known as elder black pudding, are vast pools of inky death.

  • Owlbear

    This creature has a thick, shaggy coat of feathers and fur. Its body is like a bear's, but it has an avian head with big, round eyes and a hooked beak. Owlbears are extraordinarily vicious predators with a reputation for ferocity, aggression, and …

  • Mohrg

    This creature looks like a gaunt, nearly skeletal corpse, its rib cage filled with horrid, writhing viscera. The creature's tongue is its most noteworthy feature--long, cartilaginous, and clawed. Mohrgs are the animated corpses of mass murders or …

  • Glidewing

    This large, birdlike reptile has a long, toothy beak, a thin headcrest, sharp talons, and small claws at the joints of its leathery wings. Its eyes are large and yellow, and its scaly skin sprouts small tufts of downy feathers.

  • Forest Giant

    This lean, humanlike being stands at least 12 feet tall. Its light brown skin resembles bark, and pale green hair grows in short tufts over its scalp and down its back and arms.

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